Wood Nadia Upper Berrigan Photographs, Oil and Watercolor Paintings. Blurring the lines between photography and painting.
PO Box 142 Philo, CA 95466
707 895-2025
Wood Deanna Apfel Art quilts using a variety of techniques, fabrics and inspirations.
21580 Greenwood Rd., Philo, CA
dt Deanna Thomas Plein-air oils, studio abstractions, collage, prints and artist books. 
PO Box 393, Philo, CA 95466
jaye Jaye Alison Moscariello Multi-media narrative art; two dimensional, sculpture, video and performance art.
Wood Steven Wood Architectural models, drawings and photographs.
14265 Highway 128 P.O. Box 166, Boonville, CA 94515 707 895-2500
Wood Saoirse Byrne Scarves, wraps, and fabric ottomans incorporating the art of rope making in silk, wool, and linen.
12330 Anderson Valley Way, Boonville, CA 95415
sean Sean Foley Painting about Human Nature
16651 Hwy 128 Boonville, CA 95415
Sonia Gill Sonia Gill  Dramatic light filled compositions created from views of the artist's orchard.
26470 HWY 128 Yorkville, CA
707 894-2661 or 510 665-9575
Xenia Xenia King Photographs and photomontage prints, and paintings in oils and acyrlics.
P.O. Box 673, Boonville, CA 95415
707 895-3177
Jimmy Humble Landscapes of Anderson Valley and other scenes of home.
PO Box 965 Boonville, CA 95415
707 785-2336
Yoriko Kishimoto Landscape and nature, Oil and watercolor vignettes Come to our historic Victorian house, Wightman House (1880)
12330 Anderson Valley Way, Boonville, CA
650 644-5084
kathyrn Kathryn Porter Hand made porcelain and stoneware pots with high fired custom glazes.
12440 Anderson Valley Way, Boonville, CA
707 895-3764
Antoinette Antoinette von Grone Whimsical and serious fine art paintings and portraits.
12370 Anderson Valley Way, Boonville, CA
415 256-8100
Bill Nancy Bill Allen & Nancy Macleod
Folk Art Fantasy furniture and paintings.
21921 Panorama Way, Philo, CA
707 895-3134
Judy Judy Nelson
Lampwork beads as pendants, necklaces and earrings and other beaded jewelry.
Box 660 Philo, CA 95466
707 489-4108
Jan Chris Jan Wax & Chris Bing
Porcelain and stoneware art pottery by an award winning sculptor and potter.
3001 Holmes Ranch Rd, Philo, CA
707 895-2717
The Beat Gallery Susan Spencer & Michael Wilson- The Beat Gallery: Art Assemblage; "Common Objects" made into unique representational art forms.
14900 Chipmunk Lane, Philo, CA
707 813-7615
Charlie Charlie Hochberg
Atmospheric landscape photography.
301 Holmes Ranch Rd, Philo, CA
707 895-2950
fads Rebecca Johnson Contemporary art made with a rural point of view, displayed in a big western barn.
1200 HWY 128, Navarro, CA mile 15.8
707 895-9205
marvin Marvin Schenck
Post Impressionist landscapes of Anderson Valley and Mendocino County from inland to the coast.
3400 Clark Road, Philo, CA 95466
Colleen Colleen Schenck
One of a kind jewelry and small-scale sculptures combining metalworking skill with historical and archetypal forms. Collage work utilizing beautiful papers and patterns.
3400 Clark Road, Philo, CA 95466
Doug Doug Johnson
Crystalline glazed and wood fired salt glazed ceramics. Pepperwood Pottery of Navarro.
14.68 mile marker on HWY 128, Navarro, CA
707 895-3640
colleen Colleen Bassett
Oil paintings in a traditional style focusing on
landscape and representational art.
525 Wendling St. rear house
14.5 mile marker on HWY 128, Navarro, CA
Rachel Rachel Lahn
Dimensional constructions, watercolors, mixed media paintings, giclee and laser prints in my studio in the redwoods.
18100 Bald Hills Rd. Rancho Navarro
707 895-2006